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User Experience Review (UER) is a modular approach to conduct an UX expert evaluation. This web site offers a short description of the method and all material required to organize an User Experience Review with minimal effort.

Basic Process

A small number of usability experts (usually three or four) evaluate the product concerning its user experience. Some focus areas (UX aspects) guide the guide the experts through the process. UER is a modular approach that allows to choose the relevant UX aspects for the review from a catalog.

  • Choose focus areas: This can be done based on existing research concerning the relative importance of UX aspects for typical product categories or by a small pre-study using rating or card-sorting methods.
  • Prepare review: Create instructions for the reviewers based on the UX aspects selected in the first step. We offer templates for the instruction of the experts and for the explanations of the UX aspects selected for the review.
  • Conduct the review:In this step the reviewers evaluate the application independently and capture their results. Templates for capturing the results in a common format are available.
  • Consolidate: Once all reviewers have completed their evaluation, it is required to consolidate the results (merge duplicate findings, discuss and cross-check findings, clearly describe findings for handover to development) and to generate a result report or presentation.

Advantages of the UER method

Classical expert review methods strongly focus on the detection of usability problems. In contrast, UER tries to cover a broader range of UX aspects and to address also non-task related quality aspects, like fun-of-use or beauty of the design.

The UX aspects on which the experts should focus their attention are selected per product from a catalog, thus it is possible to set the focus to the UX aspects most relevant for the success of a product.

UER encourages the experts to provide a balanced feedback concerning strong and weak points of a product and not just to focus on problems.

Available research papers describing the method

The development and some applications of UER are described in a number of scientific papers.

  • Mayer, D., Schrepp, M. & Held, T., (2018). Beurteilung der UX Qualität durch Experten. In: Hess, S. & Fischer, H. (Hrsg.), Mensch und Computer 2018 - Usability Professionals. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. und German UPA e.V. (S. 3-14). DOI: 10.18420/muc2018-up-0113. Show on Research Gate
  • Held, T., Schrepp, M. & Mayalidag, R., (2019). User Experience Review - Ein einfaches und flexibles Verfahren zur Beurteilung der User Experience durch Experten. In: Fischer, H. & Hess, S. (Hrsg.), Mensch und Computer 2019 - Usability Professionals. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. und German UPA e.V. DOI: 10.18420/muc2019-up-0117 Show on Research Gate


All materials required to organize an UER can be downloaded completely free of charge!


A detailed description of the UER method.


Introductory video

A short video explaining the UER method.


UX Aspects and Examples

Catalog of all UX aspects with short examples.


Materials to support reviewers

Templates for reviewer instructions and for logging the findings.


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